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F11 Artist Talks: Elaine Chao, Luise Eru and Collin Pollard

  • June 27, 2021 12:55 PM
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    Join us for a series of talks on Zoom featuring artists included in the current online exhibition "F11: Digital Paintings for Full Screen." In this session, Elaine Chao, Luise Eru and Collin Pollard will discuss their artistic practice and digital projects. This program is free and open to the public, registration via Eventbrite required.


    Elaine Chao (b. Flushing, New York, 1990; lives and works in New York, New York)

    Elaine Chao is a visual artist and arts organizer based in New York City. She earned her BA in Art from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 2013 and has exhibited in such venues as The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York; Colors of Humanity Art Gallery (online), Everett, Pennsylvania; Local Project Art Space, Queens, New York and NYC Arts Empire, New York City. She is currently Art Director at Orenda Art Works, a community arts organization intended to encourage art production and reduce barriers to exchange.

    Luise Eru (b. Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1998; lives and works in Belo Horizonte)

    Luise Eru is a self-taught artist based in the Santa Cruz neighborhood in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He began creating his digital collages in Photoshop in 2019. He has exhibited in such virtual venues as Area Noir, London, England; The Other Art Fair, Chicago, Illinois; Doncaster Art Fair, Doncaster, England, and EIXO Arte, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Collin Pollard (b. San Jose, California, 1994; lives and works in San Jose)

    Collin Pollard creates photographs, mixed media paintings, and videos that explore the line between the physical world and the ways in which it is digitally represented. He is the co-founder of the virtual exhibition space, The Garage 408, in San Jose, California, and holds a BA from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California. His work has been exhibited at such spaces as Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, California; Embark Gallery, San Francisco, California; Space Place Gallery, Nizhny Tagil, Russia, and Midwest Center or Photography, Wichita, Kansas, among others.


    The first virtual exhibition presented by the Derfner, “F11” refers to the function key that opens full screen viewing in internet browsers. In the Covid-era when art spaces were closed or at limited capacity, online exhibitions became ubiquitous but often showcased works that exist as objects in the real world. “F11” inverts this practice: It features digital paintings best viewed on-screen. The 10 artists in this exhibition live and work in different places in the United States and internationally, including Adam Blitz, Elaine Chao, Luise Eru, Donald Hargrove, Samhita Kamisetty, Annie Lee, Carlos Torres Machado, Collin Pollard, Polina Protsenko and Stefanie Wolfson. On view thru August 8, 2021.

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