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Job Posting Format:

Subject: Job/Position Title


  • Date Position Posted
  • Job/Position Title
  • Organization, Location
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  • Organizational Description
  • Position Description
  • Employment Type (Full Time/Part Time/Seasonal)
  • Requirements
  • Contact Information at the Organization including email address & phone number


Subject:  Museum Educator


January 2, 2019
Museum Educator
Water Museum of New York
Lakeside, New York

The Water Museum share its collections and interprets the art, history, and culture documenting and sharing our wonderful, remarkable, and essential relationship to our water. 

The Museum Educator will work with all audiences to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of New York's water. 

Full Time Seasonal Salaried Position: $28-$32,000 

Requirements: Passion for water and museums, BA or equivalent, one year teaching experience in an informal education environment

Please send cover letter and resume via email to:
Ms. Hudson Atlantic
Executive Director
Water Museum of New York
Lakeside, NY


Please be clear and concise. All job postings are subject to editing. You must clearly state if the posted position is an unpaid job and/or internship. Please consider including the hourly wages or salary range. We recommend being transparent in your job posting.

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The Museum Association of New York strengthens the capacity of New York State’s cultural community by supporting professional standards and organizational development. We provide advocacy, training, and networking opportunities so that museums and museum professionals may better serve their missions and communities.

Museum Association of New York is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. 

265 River Street
Troy, NY 12180 USA

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