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Mili Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

Mili worked at the Summit Music Festival as an administrative assistant for four years before starting her college career at Hartwick. Mili developed and improved communication skills and sensitivity to other cultures by being a part of Summit Music Festival, an event with international students that participate in classical music seminars and master classes, chamber groups, orchestras, and study with well-known professors. Through her role as admin assistant, Mili managed several projects which included student registration, check-ins/check-outs, phone and email communication with students about programs, as well as attended meetings with the staff. 

After working at SMF, Mili worked as a Resident Advisor for two years at Hartwick College where she is studying for her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In her time as an RA, she created a positive environment for students and build a community with her residents as well as develop leadership and team building skills.

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