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In 2023, MANY's membership grew to 732 members from every REDC region, a 14% increase over the past three years. We are grateful to all of our individual, organizational, and industry members whose support keeps us on track and able to serve the field. We welcomed 438 museum professionals, industry partners, and students to Syracuse in April for our annual conference "Finding Center: Access, Inclusion, Participation, and Engagement." From February to November, MANY staff traveled 3,000 miles across New York State to deliver 10 in-person discussions and meet-ups centered around preparing for the post-pandemic museum based on the collection of essays: "Change is Required: Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Museum" thanks to funding from the New York State Council on the Arts. Lastly, the 2023/24 New York State Budget included $1M in funding for The Museum Study Act. The Department of Economic Development, in conjunction with other departments and entities, will conduct a comprehensive study of public and private museums and report their findings and recommendations. We thank the bill sponsors Assemblymember Barrett and Senator Cooney, the legislature, and Governor Hochul for their support of this forthcoming study.

Download our 2023 Annual Report here.


In 2022, MANY adopted a new strategic plan, revised its by-laws and personnel policy, and changed the board of directors’ terms to align with the organization’s fiscal year. The annual conference “Envisioning Our Museums for the Seventh Generation” was held in Corning April 9–12. It was the first time many museum professionals gathered in-person since March 2020. Despite the challenges producing this event, we sold out with Covid restricted attendance. Virtual programs continue to help MANY expand its service to the field. From January to August, we partnered with Museum Hue to produce “Museums Support Democracy” a 7-part webinar series. From October to December, we produced a 6-part webinar series featuring the highest rated presentations from the 2022 annual conference. The regranting partnership with NYSCA allowed MANY to reach 102 museums with a total of $500,981 in grants. MANY continued its Pomeroy Fund for NYS History partnership granting 20 museums $5,000 each towards education programs.

Download our 2022 Annual Report here.


We are pleased to share this annual report and express our sincerest gratitude to our members, donors, and sponsors who helped us find spaces and places to gather, create, and support each other’s work in 2021. Together, we faced the challenges of operating in both virtual and in-person environments and treasured the rare moments where we could pause, assess our work, and share our achievements. We are pleased by the progress we made this past year and honored by the new partnerships we forged that will help us shape a better future for museums and museum professionals.

In 2021, we supported positive changes in the field, offered information based on facts, and stopped at every possible juncture to ensure that we included the voices of indigenous and people of color in our decision making. We continue our pledge to help move New York’s museums past “cobbling things together” and “stretching limited resources” to a place where museums thrive financially, serve their communities holistically, and enthusiastically welcome visitors from all corners of our state, our nation, and our world.

Download our 2021 Annual Report here.


In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, our days were filled with adversity, tragedy, and grief. The existential crises we faced, the struggle for social justice, and challenges to our democracy commanded our attention. Through it all, the creativity and determination of our colleagues gave us strength and hope. Your continuing support and engagement helped us ensure that that our network not only remained strong but grew beyond the physical boundaries of our state and our nation. Our members, industry partners, legislative allies, federal and state funding agencies, and private foundations stepped up to help museums cope with the challenge of how to remain financially viable and reach audiences when the doors of our buildings were forced to close. 

On the pages of this report, you will see how, with your help, MANY faced and surmounted the difficulties of working at the intersection of multiple challenges. 

We remain grateful for your support and partnership and are eager to explore the ways we can work together to build a stronger, more sustainable, and relevant museum community – a community where everyone’s voices are held up together.

Download our 2020 Annual Report here.


We are pleased to share this 2019 Annual Report. By the time you read this in 2020, however, New York’s museums and MANY will look very different than we did at the end of 2019. In these uncertain times, no one knows what challenges our museum community may face in a week, a month, or a year. But we have faith that as New Yorkers with common missions and goals we can support each other, share resources, and make it through together. MANY is stronger and more deeply connected than ever before and we will be here to help our museums survive and thrive. At the end of 2019 we had 642 members from every region, budget size, and discipline and closed the year in a positive financial position. We are proud of the opportunities that we created for museum professionals to gather, to learn, and to grow their professional networks. This annual report details that growth and reach. 

Download our 2019 Annual Report here.


2018 was a banner year for MANY and we have many people to thank for that. We provided opportunities for museum professionals to meet, to learn, and to support each other with our annual conference, "Visioning Change," professional development workshops, and Meet-Ups.

Thank you to the 23 museums that hosted MANY programs around the State!

In January, we launched our new website that has allowed us to tighten financial controls and improve how we communicate with our members. In May, we premiered "This Month in NYS Museums," a new e-newsletter that focuses on our shared interests in strengthening our resources, building our relationships with our communities, and growing access to our collections and exhibitions.

Download our 2018 Annual Report here.

The Museum Association of New York helps shape a better future for museums and museum professionals by uplifting best practices and building organizational capacity through advocacy, training, and networking opportunities.

Museum Association of New York is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. 

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