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Terms and Conditions

The Museum Association of New York is committed to maintaining an accessible, informative, and civil space for museum professionals and the NYS museums that we represent. Therefore, we ask those who engage with our social media content to abide by the following guidelines.

The following will NOT be tolerated:

    • Threats of bodily, physical, or emotional harm
    • Excessively foul language (this will be determined at the discretion of the moderator)
    • Pornographic images or statements
    • Hate language, including based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, age, education, or physicality
    • Illegal activities
    • Anything that compromises the safety of the individuals

These posts will be removed as soon as the moderator becomes aware of them. To alert the moderator to a post, please send a direct messenger or contact

In order to create an informative, engaging, and welcoming digital presence, we expect members of our digital community to uphold the following standards:

    • Make all comments and posts related to the topics at hand.
    • “Listen” and read with an open mind.
    • Engage in historical debate respectfully. You can question facts and ideas without questioning the person who posted them.
    • Mirror our dedication to factual accuracy and evidence-based posts, with the understanding that there is continuing historical debate on many topics.

Failure to follow these standards may lead to your comments being hidden, deleted, or reported. Moderators may also issue a warning, or, in extreme cases, block your account. To alert a moderator to comment, please send a direct message or contact

The Museum Association social media moderator may remove any comment or post on our social media pages at any time for any reason at the discretion of the organization. 

Click here to download MANY's full social media policy.

The Museum Association of New York helps shape a better future for museums and museum professionals by uplifting best practices and building organizational capacity through advocacy, training, and networking opportunities.

Museum Association of New York is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. 

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